Peoples of the Salmon

Notices to Governor General etc. Sept. 2021

Documents served on Governor General and Others September 15-16. 2021

DOWNLOAD COMPLETE SET OF DOCUMENTS - PeoplesOfTheSalmon-11 Documents Merged V6. 09.16.2021
We, Peoples of the Salmon have served via Registered Mail – Canada Post RN 501 890-077 CA, the office of the Governor General, Mary Simon and/or her Office, located at: Rideau Hall 1 Sussex Drive, Ottawa Ontario, K1A 0A1 at 4:33:50 MST pm on Date: September 15, 2021 – via Sherwood Park, AB, Canada (Receipt attached)

Document Index of Kanata Governance

This document, made and compiled from separate documents, now merged to form one includes:



Affidavit of Non-Deliverability: Governor General at Rideau Hall September 15, 2021

Affidavit of Governor General Being Served via Registered mail: RN 890-077 CA issued September 15, 2021


2. Provost Marshall Letter

Attention to: Honorable Governor General, Rideau Hall

Provost Marshall Derek Andriatz, Esquimalt, BC

3. Proclamation 2021 0920 A 1

Attention to: Corporation of Canada/CANADA

The Directors/Ministers of Parliament Agents et al of The Corporation of Canada/CANADA

4. Summary Judgement; Dishonoured Presentment, Certificate of Non-Response

Attention to: House of Commons, CANADA

Province of British Columbia; Premier John Horagan

5. Dishonour, Certificate of Non-Response

Attention to: Rt. Honorable Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of Canada Hon. David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Office of the Deputy Attorney General of Canada Prime Minister and Ministers of Indian Relations and Reconciliation Hon. Marc Miller Hon. Carolyn Bennett Attorney General for British Columbia Indigenous Relations and Reconciliations British Columbia; Hon. Murray Rankin Canada, B.A.R. and Lawyer, Shishalh Nation and British Columbia

6. Order to Rescind

Attention to: Agents of the Provincial Government, Attorney General of the Federal Crown, RCPM, Teachers, Principals, and Politicians Governor General of Canada Corporation of CANADA Cc: Provost Marshall, Mr. Bernard Dionne

7. Governor General of Canada Independence and Soveran Law; Oneiric of and for the Original Peoples

Attention to: Governor General of Canada – Hon. Mary Simon Corporation of CANADA CC: Provost Marshal Mr. Bernard Dionne

8. Governor General of Canada Dishonour and Certificate of Non-Response

Attention to: Governor General of Canada CC: Provost Marshal, Mr. Bernard Dionne Media Relations Department National Defense, Mr. Derek Andriatz

9. Command to the U.N. Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (C.E.R.D.) from: Anishinabek Solutrean Metis Indigenous Nation (A.S.M.I.N.) in alliance with Peoples of the Salmon.

Attention to:

H.E. Mrs. Leslie Norton Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations Office Geneva

Governor General Simon E-mail:

The Ontario Court of Appeal E-mail:

The Ontario Divisional Court E-mail:

The Federal Crown

Crown Taylor Andreas -

10. Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund; Emergency Writ of Mandamus

  DOWNLOAD COMPLETE SET OF DOCUMENTS - PeoplesOfTheSalmon-11 Documents Merged V6. 09.16.2021
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