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14th Feb 2022

February 2nd, Dr Negase, his Counsel, Peoples of the Salmon (PotS) Headsman, Popois and an Assistant went to the North Vancouver Courthouse, to file aggravated assault charges against the psychiatric Centre staff.
6th Feb 2022

We no longer recognize The Corporation of CANADA. We Kaymixw make this "Order to Vacate" the Criminal Government that has kept you in position of Fraud, Genocides, Crimes against humanity, usurpation of our Title and Rights.
21st Jan 2022

13th Jan 2022

The Crown Corporation of Canada and Canadian Embassy are registered at 501 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC. Canada is not a country and the 1867 Constitution and 1876 'Indian Act' were never ratified.
15th Dec 2021

Peoples of the Salmon (PotS) Grand Jury of 60 Common de Jure Lawful beings declared Bonnie Henry “Guilty of Nuremberg Code Violations.”
11th Dec 2021

The Peoples of the Salmon would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, Dr. Matthew Adams, our new Peoples of the Salmon Sovereign Doctors Board addition.
10th Dec 2021

No pregnant women were in the Pfizer trial, zero, nada. We have zero data on the effect on pregnant women.
1st Dec 2021

When joining us, in Sovereignty, and creating our new Medicine and Healing Communities.
28th Nov 2021

50,000 RCMP officers signed to go against the directives/illegal mandates and wish to walk with us.
22nd Nov 2021

View a list of actions steps for those wishing to join us.
19th Nov 2021

Popois, Headsman of the Peoples of the Salmon speaks at Freedom World Rally 5.0, Vancouver Art Gallery.
15th Nov 2021

There are two basic theories of sovereignty at play in the Canadian legal context. The first is that Indigenous sovereignty existed when Europeans arrived in North America.
9th Nov 2021

On November 11, Peoples of the Salmon Tribunal member, Giltimi in Kitamaat village, will offer Spirit Plates of Food to our Ancient Ones' Spirits at 11am.
31st Oct 2021

The Peoples of the Salmon (PotS), the original [in]digenous1 governors and keepers of the land of Kanata, are taking a brave stance to restore immunity from the tyranny and corruption of the government of the Corporation of Canada2
30th Oct 2021

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26th Oct 2021

Video interviews with Peoples of the Salmon by Liberty Talk With Odessa.
20th Oct 2021

There are plenty of questions about the "pandemic". Really good ones. But you are not allowed to ask those questions.
9th Oct 2021

The growing, mass number, in the thousands, of signed, confirmed, Petitions of 'non-consent to be governed' were merrily being emailed by the thousands to the governor general and...they have had enough.
24th Sep 2021

Q+A Interview Conversation with popois and Allen
20th Sep 2021

Medicinal recommendations by some of the top doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, cardiologists
20th Sep 2021

Your consent is required for your "modern enslavement". What stops you from removing your consent to be ruled over by corrupted politicians, media, police, lawyers, judges and "health care"?
19th Sep 2021

Documents served on Governor General and Others September 15-16. 2021
10th Sep 2021

The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (OTPP) stands to financially benefit from promoting and enforcing masking and lockdowns and the “Great Reset”. They are heavily invested in industries and companies that will profit from the current situation.
30th Aug 2021

First Nations or City of Vancouver. Who Has Authority? Is It Shared?
30th Aug 2021

2003 proclamation as a result of legal action 240 years after the original petition made to the King in 1763 which was ignored
26th Aug 2021

It took 20 years to get to this point? Hmmmm. How far advanced is "here" really?
24th Aug 2021

Most heart felt congratulations to Dr. Alika Lafontaine, a successful anesthesiologist, and now the first Indigenous president-elect of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).
21st Aug 2021

A great history lesson mixed with a discussion on Native American traditional foods and cooking.
21st Aug 2021

Check out Peoples of the Salmon YouTube channel. We will be adding videos regularly to teach, inform and notify all. Visit the YouTube channel for more...
19th Aug 2021

Hopi Indian Chief White Eagle recently commented on the current situation
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