Peoples of the Salmon


When Sim'oogit'm Laxha [creator-of the heavens] - appointed leadership

#1 Keeper of wealth of the waters--

#2 Keeper of the Lands-Wealth and all the 4 legged creatures that dwell and walk the lands--

#3 Keeper of all the animals and winged creatures whom inhabit the sky/air world and all that dwell in it

#4-Nations-Tribes-Clans -House groups-Peoples

#1 Hak'wil'ox-[keeper of wealth of the sea and all the creatures that inhabited the waters]

#2 Sim'oogitm Meedk-[ Grizzly bear-keeper of wealth of the lands and leadership of all the 4 legged animals that walk the lands]

#3 Sim'oogit'm Xskiik-[in the form of a eagle-to take care of the sky/air world all that fly and live there]

#4 Mansim'oogit-[in human form-upper-foremost -real declarer person-leadership appointed to look after the Nation-Tribes-Clans-Housegroups-Peoples-and the Hereditary Leadership whom become the next generational living embodiment of an Ancestral Name]

Alan Brough - Trust Administrator

Alan Brough

Bio and Authority

Alan Brough is a member of Peoples of the Salmon Banking Committee and is an Administrator of the Trust Account for the People of the Salmon.

Alan has been tasked with identifying where the Trust is held, determining its value and working in conjunction with the other members of the Banking Committee to set up a suitable banking option into which the Trust monies can finally be deposited for the benefit and development of our community.

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