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The English language has been layered with 'legalese' to hide/trick/deceive all peoples around the world.

We seek to use 'language' that we call 'speak' in a new way to disconnect and remove the 'legal presumptions' that exist and have been imposed on all people for the purposes of denying full disclosure and informed consent for the purposes of tricking people into the fraudulent legal presumption of 'voluntary' waiving of their rights and property.

Original peoples were forced to 'REGISTER' and be 'NAMED' with English names both acts intended to control and remove natural rights from. The first steps in the destruction of the living being and their self identity and cultural identity. (immigrants from other countries were likewise registered and often re-named, this affects all people)

Naming and titling is an act of violence when done without full permission. It is done to subjugate and claim authority over.

The Europeans named original peoples of Turtle Island 'Indians' because THEY thought THEY had landed in India. We are not Indians. We shall not be named, or titled by others. To do so is to be subjects of THEM.

If you do not know your rights as defined by a foreign speaker and they take actions against you under threat of force, this is a severe violation of natural law that our world has been operating under for hundreds of years.

We are not First Nations. This is a legal term THEY created in THEIR legal world that imposes a title on us from foreigners in their foreign legal system.

Much deceit is hidden in creating new words and terms to define things or people with.

Another step in the control of people is an 'Application' under THEIR system for something you have a natural right to do and no application should be required. The 'Application' is seen as a seeking permission from a higher authority, therefore you are subject THEM and THEIR rules related to that thing/action you 'Applied' for.

If it is a 'license application' that is "seeking permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal to do" (under THEIR system).

Why would you need a license to marry, or catch a fish or provide a service etc. The legal excuse is to protect the PUBLIC from wrongdoers. Does it really? What else does it do? And where do it THEY get the legitimate right to rule/control/parent people.

All people have been lied to , deceived, defrauded, abused under what is called 'colour of law' - basically a 'pretends to be law', and it is, if you agree to it. But did you really agree after being fully informed or were you tricked, deceived without full disclosure - that's fraud, unenforceable and a wrongdoing.

We are building a list of words to use to clearly communicate with each other outside the LEGAL system language that has been imposed to control everyone.

We are also building a list of words phrases to use everyday to respect and honour the ancient ones and the ancient way that honours people and the land.

Part of living in honour and with respect is the speak you use to describe the world and relationships to it.

Speak (Words) We Use

This Is a Work in Progress - Please contribute

  • gitsawoolka / gitsagukla - With no Fear - be not afraid
  • gitsaloukla / gitsalukakwa. - With no Worry - be not worried?
  • saa saa giethl - 12 posts in circle with media 13 th in middle
  • mothers mother - is speaking of the land
  • we walk with the land not on the land
  • hamas - headsman / chief
  • aluuxw - Speakers for Peoples of the Salmon
  • Nimulh shishalh - people of Sechelt area
  • shishalhsshtatlum - language/speak of the shishalh (Sechelt)
  • ulnumch - thank you
  • et ta kwi kwie - good morning
  • eh ta nah naut - good night

Corporate Language vs Common Use

NOTE: Words written in ALL CAPITALS (style not spelling) means the corporate/fiction/maritime law/legalese version of the word (glossa/roman law etc)

CANADA - means the actual corporation registered in Washington D.C.

Canada - means the geographic area referred to as Canada (but there is no land of Canada, it is only a Government, a legal idea/legal fiction like a corporation, to centralize certain functions for a collection of provinces)

Any PROVINCE - means the actual corporation registered in Washington D.C.

Province - means the land referred to in each province's Boundary Act (or equivalent)

Turtle Island - means the original people's name for the land they lived on

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